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The 5 Week Project


The 5 WEEK PROJECT is designed to encourage people of all ages and all levels of fitness, wherever they are, to start on a pathway to improved nutrition and fitness through membership and participation in an exclusive community of like-minded people. 

The 5 WEEK PROJECT is membership based where after joining the project, participants are provided with a daily programme that can be completed in your local gym, at the park or in your own lounge room.  The programme consists of fitness plans,  nutritional guidance and motivational material to help you achieve your goal.

The project is interactive where members can share their experiences in a Facebook  Group of participants and of course Hosts, Camilla and Ben.

Participants of The 5 WEEK PROJECT are provided with nutritional guidance and simple plans and recipes endorsed by Rebecca McPhee from TheCulturedNutritionist.com.

The workouts are structured so you can perform them in a space at home with no equipment or at your local gym. These will be targeted at all levels! These are developed by Camilla Bazley and Ben Seymour

Membership of the 5 WEEK PROJECT is limited. Interested participants will need to act quickly to be part of our first group commencing on 14th March!

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Email camilla@bazley.com.au or ben@benseymour.com.au  to find out more info!

5 Week Project